English Medium

Sociology - Basic Concepts
An Introduction of Sociology
2.Emergence and Development of sociology
3.Sociology: Its Relationships with other social Sciences
4.Methods and Techniques of Research in Sociology
5.Society, Community, Association and Institution
6.Social Groups
7.Social Structure and Social System
8.Norms and Values
9.Status and Role
10.Cooperation, Competition and Conflict
11.Acculturation, Askimilation & Integration
Social Institutions and social Stratification
12. Marriage
15.Economy, Polity and Religion
16.Social Stratification: Hierarchy, Differentiation and Inequality
Social Change, Socialization and Social control
17. Factors of Social change
18.Processes of Social Change
20.Social Control
21.Social Deviance
22. Society and Our Environment
Indian Society
23.Indian Social Thinkers
24.Unity and Diversity
25.National Integration: concept and Challenge
26.India Society: Tribal, Rural and Urban
27.Caste System in India
28.Major Religious communities in India
29.Major Social Problems of India
30.Problems of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
31.Problems of other Deprived Sections
Optional Modules (Please select any one of the following optional modules)
Optional Module-1 Status of Women
32A. Historical and Cultural Perspective
33A. Gender Discrimination
34A. Problem of Women
35A. Quest for Equality and Women's Empowerment
Optional Module-2 Culture
32B. Culture: Concept and Characteristics
33B. Indian Cultural Heritage
34B. Cultural Pluralism
35B. Media and Culture