Jithin Jose

Enrolment No.: 09001533003

Jithin Jose had to drop out of school when he was in class II as he was suffering from haemophilia, a disorder in which blood does not clot as in the case of a normal person. Severe and frequent internal bleeding revented him from even going to school for writing the exams. When he was about sixteen years old, his parents learnt about the NIOS and got him registered for the foundation course. This enabled him to start his second innings as a student. Due to the flexibility of the NIOS system, Jithin could choose non-science subjects along with Maths and English, when he further enrolled for the Secondary Course. He found that the books were self-explanatory and prepared in a simple language. Although there were frequent interruptions due to internal bleeding, Jithin studied on his own imagining that books were his teachers. At the age of nineteen, he passed his secondary exams in 2003 with 72% marks. He further enrolled for the NIOS Senior Secondary Course and passed in 2005 with 81% marks. By that time, this aspiring student became ambitions and decided to register for a course in Chartered Accountancy. Although he missed the first few attempts due to severe bleeding, he managed to clear the CA Inter exams with 41st rank at the All India level. What a level of determination! Jithin Jose who viewed studying on his own as a limitation realized that it was his strength.

It not only expanded his horizons of thinking but also sharpened his analytical skills. He acknowledges that the NIOS led him from ignorance to knowledge, by initiating him into the world of studies. He feels extremely proud to be an NIOS Product.