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Enterprising Community Education - Perspective for Open Schooling, New Delhi, 28-30 March 2003

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), New Delhi has organised an International Conference on the Theme "Entriprising Community Education - Perspective for Open Schooling" at New Delhi from 28 to 30 March, 2003. The Objectives of the Conference are :-

  1. To deliberate on strategies to identify models of community education through open schooling
  2. Evolving Strategies of Networking among NGOs, Panchayati Raj Institutions and Open Schooling Organisations.
  3. To evolve policy outlines, strategies and programmes for holistic development of community in terms of (i) poverty alleviation, (ii) promotion of social cohesion, (iii) strengthening cultural and community values, and (iv) sensitization on global issues.

The Conference proposes to deliberate on the following sub-themes :

  1. Models of Community Education through Schooling.
  2. Networking among Stakeholders in community Education - NGOs, people's representatives, open schooling functionaries.
  3. Area intensive development through enterprising community education.
  4. Developing learners as potential entrepreneurs through Open Vocational Education Programmes.
  5. Technology based sustainable enterprising community education with particular focus on empowerment of women.
  6. Promoting innovative entrepreneurship in formal schooling.

It is expected that educationists, social workers, innovative entrepreneurs, community leaders and people's representatives in the local self-government from both India and abroad will participate in the Conference.